Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique and important about Wizard Within WandsTM?
  • Wizard Within Wandstm are handmade by craftspeople who love what they do. No sweatshops. No minors. No minimum wages. No countries with marginally acceptable human rights records. Just people doing what they love and hoping to share their love of wood, creativity, and the imagination with others.
  • Wizard Within Wandstm does not use exotic woods (or non-exotic woods for that matter) that are not known to be ecologically and sustainably harvested.
What ages are appropriate for Wizard Within Wandstm?

All ages will appreciate a Wizard Within Wand. If you are of an age where you might feel compelled to chew on a Wizard Within Wand, rest assured that you will only be chewing on wood and food safe finish.

However, legislation states that we must also add the following:

  • Children under the age of 5 should be supervised at all times while wielding a Wizard Within Wand due to the inherent dangers of puncturing oneself.
  • Children under the age of 3 should have nothing to do with wands unless they are made of foam rubber or something highly malleable.

So what kind of finishes do you use that I could, technically, eat?
The finishes on Wizard Within Wands are not, per se, anything you would want to drink or eat. However, they are designated "food safe" by the FDA. We hope this provides enough information for you to decide if a Wizard Within Wand is for you. If you are still reluctant to purchase a wand based on the finish, keep your eye open for our "in the raw" wands that will occasionally make an appearance on the "cast offs" shelf in our store.
Where do you get your wood?
The majority of our wood comes from deadfall and cleared wood in the Ozark region of the United States. We also use wood from our own backyard here in Colorado. In many cases, the wood is usually past its prime in the lumber industry and almost never harvested simply for the sake of the wood. In cases where the wood has been harvested for use, we ensure (using the best due diligence of which we know) that the wood has been sustainably harvested.

All of our wood shavings and leftovers are composted (and only after a trip through the chicken coop) and never see the light of day at a landfill to ensure that we are doing our darndest to only send items to landfills that we cannot manage to dispose of ourselves.

Are your wands really magic?
We like to think of our wands as having potential energy that can only be unleashed by the power of you. The wand is a mechanism for transporting your energy. Without you, the wand is useless. In other words, "a good wizard never blames his/her wand."
What is your privacy policy?
We don't collect any information about visitors to the site, except the information required to fill orders. That information is strictly confidential. Credit card numbers are only transferred to PayPal through a secure connection and we do not have access to the credit card information. Additionally, we would never, ever share anything about you with anyone else.
Is my credit card information secure when I order?
Yes. PayPal uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption to assure that your credit card information is protected.
What is your return policy?
You may return your wand for any reason within 2 weeks of receipt. You will receive a full refund of the cost of the wand, minus the shipping and handling. And, you will be responsible for shipping costs to return the wand. We want you to be happy with your wand and will try to accommodate any unexpected issues.
When will I get my wand?
Wands are shipped within 2 business days of purchase. Standard shipping is usually 1 to 5 days in the contiguous United States. On a particularly magical order, you might receive your wand the next day but most orders will be received within 5 business days. When the stars are out of alignment, you might need to wait up to 7 days.
So what's this I hear about blemishes?
Each Wizard With Wandtm is hand made from real wood. Each piece of wood imparts a unique grain and color and may contain small worm holes, knots, or other natural impressions. Additionally, signs of hand work may be apparent. We believe that you will find your wand to be beautiful in all its natural beauty. Should you not find it satisfactory, you may return it for a full refund of the cost of the wand (see refund policy above).
Do you only carry three models?
Wizard Within Wandstm presents new wand collections several times per year. Wand collections will occasionally be retired, and old wands my be renewed on special occasions or sometimes even found in the "cast offs" depending on their popularity.